Ethical values are the ability of a person to act in accordance with the trust and anticipation of the community itself, other than by behaviors that are bounded by laws. Ethical values are the principles that public service providers should pay attention to in order to gain public confidence.




With the consciousness and understanding that the public service is over all kinds of private interests and that the public officer is in the service of the people;


* To facilitate the daily life of the people, to meet their needs in the most efficient, fast and efficient manner, to increase the quality of service and to increase the satisfaction of the society,

* To carry out my duty in accordance with respecting human rights, transparency, participation, honesty, accountability, public interest and the rule of law,

* To act in accordance with the requirements of service without objection to conduct and practices that prevent opportunity of equality, without discrimination of language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, and age,

 * To carry out my duty without performing any real or legal person who has a relationship with the job without receiving a gift, without any material or spiritual benefit or any benefit of this nature, without any special interest of expectation,

* Not to use and dispose of public goods and resources outside of public purposes and service requirements, not to waste such goods and resources,

* To respect people's right of petition, to obtain information, complaints and lawsuits, to act responsibly, moderately and respectfully against beneficiaries, colleagues and other interlocutors of the service,


 * I undertake to act and serve according to the principles and values of ethical behavior determined by the regulations prepared by the Ethics Committee of the Public Officials.